We provide solutions to suit any workplace environment, no matter where an audience may be located.

Clients include: Transport NSW Trains, Commonwealth Bank, St George, Pepsico, Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety, Blackwoods, Protector Alsafe, Coregas, Metcash, Board Of Studies (BOSTES), BOC, Cornelius, McDonald's, IAG / NRMA, Civic, CGNA, Symantec, Fuji Xerox, NSW Health Dept, Cotton On.

Here's how you can maintain productivity and create cost effeciencies.

No matter where your workforce maybe be positioned, online video training allows any individual to access safety critical and quality educational programs, simple by logging into a computer.

How do we make it more relevant for your business?

We can design training specific to your industry and to your existing course materials.

How do we adhere to legislaion and compliance?

We design modules* that capture information of a students progression and eventual performance. If a student's performance is critical to workplace skills and activities, we can build...

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. James McQuivey PhD, Forrester Research.

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Online Video Training has become one of the most powerful tools to use for adult training and development. Not only does it provide information transfer 4 times more than any other medium, it is a more efficient way to deliver workplace critical training, without significant disruption to business productivity.

The power of Video Training e-learning platforms.

Did you know that approximately 98% of organisations use video as part of their digital learning strategy?

But did you also know that how video is used, is the key to the success of learning retention?

The benefits of video are enormous. But of used correctly, the learning experience can be amplified to increase productivity.

Creating engaging stories that employees can relate to, means...

Discover how you can up-skill your workforce, increase productivity and reduce cost.